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Links about the B-25 Mitchell

These are divided into categories for ease of use.  Any link marked with * is especially outstanding in regards to information about the B-25.

345th Bomb Group*

345th Bomb Group Reunion Association

The Air Apache Home Page

Official Page of the 500th BS, 345th BG

499th Web Site

Web-Birds:  Warbirds on the Net

General Information

B-25's: Where to Find Them*

The North American B-25 Mitchell*

B-25 in the Pacific*

B-25 "Heavenly Body"

B-25 Training Crash Outside of Bedford, Virginia*

Fighting the U-Boats: The B-25

Historic Wings: The B-25 Mitchell*

How to Fly the B-25 Mitchell

B-25A Information (In French!!)

Confederate Air Force: Arizona Wing

U.S. Air Force Museum

USAF Online Museum Entry on the B-25

Lone Star Flight Museum Entry on the B-25

5th Army Air Force- Kenny's Kids 

U.S. Army Air Force in WWII


B-25 Pictures by Photovault*

B-25 Taking Off Picture

B-25 "Heavenly Body" Nose View Picture

B-25D Picture

Specifications and Pictures of the B-25

Aerialcinematography: B-25 Mitchell

Air Brush by Von Otto

The Doolittle Raid

Simon Wiesenthal Center: The Doolittle Raid

Against All Odds: The Doolittle Raid*

The Doolittle Raid

USS Enterprise (CV-6) The Doolittle Raid, April 18, 1942

Lest We Forget (World War II) The Doolittle Raid

Doolittle Tokyo Raiders: 56th Anniversary Reunion

Doolittle's Raid on Tokyo

Strike Against Japan*

USAF Feature: The Doolittle Tokyo Raid

James Doolittle Biography

Billy Mitchell

General Billy Mitchell: Milwaukee Native and Air Force Pioneer

Billy Mitchell:  Air Power Visionary

General William "Billy" Mitchell- Aviation Pioneer

The Mitchell Era

Billy Mitchell: Advocate of Airpower

Billy Mitchell